Thursday, May 16, 2013

5th May-Permaculture Day!!
              With great desire plus love Very Edible Gardens Uganda-VEGU has towards seeing communities with great and enough fruits, VEGU decided on the “Permaculture day” to go out and give a green offer which was planting a few fruit trees.
So 5th May being Permaculture Day, this is what VEGU did as a way of making their Permaculture day too more special and great. We suggested giving this day’s green offer to somebody and our dearest mum-Mrs.Sserwanga Ritah our former Kiwanga Home Administrator. And we were to hold it at Namugongo where she lives. After suggesting what to be done and to whom it should be offered, VEGU had to hear from her about the suggestion that we had came up with.
Our dearest mum was so excited with VEGU’s suggestion and welcomed VEGU while saying, “She was always waiting for such a day when his boys-the Permaculturist would share some permaculture implementation/design or ideas with her”.   
          Here VEGU go, 0n 5th early in the morning; Charles, Sharon, Brian, Beth gathered at Kiwanga where Nyeromeister bases. We kept around; shared times with her, planted trees that we went along with which we had referred to as a “Green Gift” as it is part of going food forest hence sustainable via adding fruit trees in our communities, had lunch with her too.
Details of the fruits;
We went along with four grafted fruit trees (two mangifera indica and two Citrus; Orange and Tangero) and the fifth one was a non-grafted-Guava (Psidium guajava).
-Mangifera indica (Edwards) is a grafted varieties and starts fruiting from 2⅟₂-3 years. It produces great fruits and is good for making juice.
-Citrus silensis includes Tangero and orange.
-Psidium guajava is local specie but bears amazing fruits. This native Guava don’t take long, 3-4 years is enough for a guava to start bearing fruits.

         So VEGU shared the little they had with their lovely mum and the family at large; we had fun with the family and that is how VEGU celebrated the Permaculture Day-2013!!

Working Plan for Orchard Michi.
Permaculture Design.
Details about this working plan;
-This design is referred to be just a slice of zone: II because it’s is “one and a third acre” of the “three acre” proposed. It is organized around a gently sloped land and we are proposing to use only four swales.
-Four medium sized swales are to be installed to catch and soak in the rain water into the soil below the mound for fruit trees.
-Water for trees comes from the swales. Wells are to supply water also.
-Grafted trees are interspersed with non-grafted trees and bananas for greater succession.
-In the south-west and south-east, bananas are to be used on the boundaries.

Already Small Orchard.
Design Synopsis. 
 The already small Orchard was started by only one mango tree which planted by Arabu, who 45 years ago stayed here and went on migrating into other places. Now, more than 25 mango trees are in this small orchard.
Requirements or tools;
-Seedlings; 165 fruit trees, 125 banana suckers---495000#+250000#=745000#
-Watering can
-organic compost
- Mulch
-gloves, and garden folk, pruning shears etc.