Sunday, August 12, 2012


                  Luwek like other Northern Villages were devastated by the years of Civil Wars, dictatorship leaders, diseases and corrupt ones up to now are letting us behind; the Soul of the Northern was lost, the Country side had lost direction and most Villagers had resigned to that terrible fate to uncertainty. Many right thinking Villagers knew that something had to be done but they never had the Idea and concept of how they could rescue this Village from multrinutrition, poverty etc. But on the other hand, life has also became a mess with the environment-I mean Nature mostly and with generation that passes by, situation seems not changing.
Above all, every serious human endeavor will always have a beginning. And many people have got very good projects in mind but they never get guts to take the first step to kick start the implementation of those good Ideas and translate them into Action. Given sorrow that Luwek is going through, hopefully Nyerology is to give birth to PERMACULTURE NORTH so as to break through Permaculture to make a change as well as beauty.  With nothing more than my head, hand and the background that accompany me, am hopefully undertaking the duty to lay the foundation for the struggle that I hope will lead to increased better Food Variety and economic emancipation which cannot be congratulated individually but I hope will leave me with no option but to recognize the day when it all started. Hence herein, PERMACULTURE NORTH is hopefully to lay the foundation for the struggle that will rescue Luwek and make her the Pearl of North.
            With my little knowledge of observation of acquaintance with facts, Permaculture is the Art and Science of designing human beings’ place in the environment. Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components in a pattern that functions to benefit life in all its forms. 
Permaculture taught me to understand and flash on the pattern that is found in healthy natural environments. In Permaculture, we work with, rather than against, nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them; and allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolutions.
Permaculture Principles;
1.    Responsibility for our actions and the outcomes, for what we leave behind. We should know that it’s our responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.
2.    Cooperation, not competition, is the basis of future survival.
3.    The rules of use of natural resources: Reduce waste, hence pollution; thoroughly replace lost minerals; do careful energy accounting.
4.    Law of return: whatever we take we must return.
5.    Care of the earth, care of the people: Provisions for all life systems to continue and increase provision for people to access those resources necessary to their existence.
6.    Setting limits to population and consumption.
7.    Hey, Permaculture doesn’t shun technology at all. If technology can help to achieve the desired outcome, go for it.
Fish Ponds in rectangular+ circular Tanks, Veggie gardens & Orchard!
8.      One of Birch’s six principles of natural systems: Our ability to change the face of the earth increases at a faster rate than our ability to foresee the consequence of change.
With Permaculture, everyone can build productive, profitable, sustainable, cultivated ecosystems, which as well include people, and have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. To me, without Permaculture, we shall mess up with the environment and there won’t be possibility of a stable social order. So go PERMACULTURE NORTH!


           As lots of people do, they mark up their end of years and start up New Years while visited different places, I also had mind in a different way compared to other years. I had mine from Ridah Hotel which is found in Seeta-Mukono district. It was late in the evening that I started off the journey to the place and by 6:30pm. Just in no time, I arrived at the gate point then I was well checked like other people. After passing through the first check point, I went to the second check point and later got in. Just the beauty of the place was enough for me to feel welcomed! I got a seat and waited for the next programme on agenda which was “Cultural Dance Show” or call it entertainment that was to start at exactly 8:00pm and it was to push all of us-the attendants to the New Year 2012. As the show was on the way, I toured around and got back to my seat. As I was waiting for the entertainment, it was exactly dinner time and most of the audiences were busy digging into their plates. On my right there was a lady who had ordered already and only food smell could affect my nose as the wind could blow it toward my side. For me, I instead also enjoyed taking chips with chicken plus a drink of Fanta later as the Show was taking place.
 The Entertainers of that night 2011-2012 were Music Dance and Drummer troupe called “Kika Troupe”. I was so excited to see my Old Girl Dinah inclusive in the Dance troupe and she was someone I studied with and completed Primary level together some good Years ago. Later after the Show I meant her and said Hi to her. I had a lot of fun because the troupe had lots of comedy apart from the cultural dance and that could create laughter in our faces.
When it was exactly 6:00AM-mid-Night and New Year 2012, electricity lights were turned off and I heard a boom like sounds being exploited that first frightened me up but just in a blink of an eye, I saw lights flying and sparkling high within the Sky and this was nothing but Fire Wax. Then only I could see was fire wax sparkling high in the atmosphere making a circular sharps.  I was so excited, amazed and happy seeing the fire wax being displayed in the Air and this made me realized that I was missing something great really to see ever in my life. Being the fact that fire wax opened off my New Year, the year 2012 seemed to be more blessed and prosperous than the recent one 2011. That is how I chilled out and entered a New Year 2012.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Day by day I work harder to achieve a bright future but also I don’t forget my guardians who are hand in hand with me in my campaign for bright life. On my journey to the peak, my background governs me much and I always take a look back in time and where I come from, and I compare with how far I have changed as it was through Shifting Cultivations and Animal rearing which is peasantry farming that my parents could get food and depend on.  On the other side Rebels made our life get off frying pan into fire! Those were the years of living in a war territory and rebels could not leave the environment happy or breathing but only God protected. My education too was beyond poor and never had I known I would learn anything in my life. And there wasn’t any hope of accessing a better education apart from that where class rooms were Under the Trees! But I can say those were the years of Nyero and now Nyerology, what a change! There are lots to come yet and only sky will limit.
              Above all, I have a heartfelt over my lovely guardians. And it’s difficult to put a figure exactly on what kindness is being offered to me through Children of Uganda! It’s close to compassion, generosity, caring and yet it is not quite the same as any of these but instead, it is beyond all these. I don’t see you as counselor or psychologists ready to analyze or criticize or suggest. But are instead supportively with me in all my moods. If I have needs or problems, are very eager to help, and the helping is never patronizing, never of a kindness that makes me feel indebted or obliged. Give me where am wrong and make me get back up! And frees me from pre-occupation, and makes the world of me part of their central focus of life. You are kind of Persons that radiates a rare and its admirable sense of availability such persons to be there for me, offering a space in their Hearts where I can really feel at Home. And now I feel am beyond Nyero and am Nyerology, what a change!
My Beloved ones
Your love is a silent gift of nature
More old more strong
More clear although it is deep
Less words more understanding
If you were flowers,
I would not pick you
Could let you grow in the garden
And cultivate you with much love and care
So that I can keep you forever
The way you are doing to me.
         Kindness and Care are not just the outward gestures of giving; are especially an act of Self-givingness. I remember the days of PDC at Sabina, the moments and fun we had, thank you for having chosen to have your holidays with me down here. I feel love and respect in all you doing for me and bringing something precious into my life. Really your love, care and kindness brings ability to disregard fear; bravery in my education and life as large. You are bringing comfort into my Heart that once had low self-esteem. Am greatly gladden, impressed, amazed and happy to have you and I feel “Thank You”, two small words to convey the infinite feeling in my Heart , so please accept my sincerest Thanks. Thanks for everything. You have my heartfelt thanks and my undying gratitude. Thanks so much Michelle and Trivillian, your Kindness is Love! I love you too my dearests’!