Sunday, August 12, 2012


           As lots of people do, they mark up their end of years and start up New Years while visited different places, I also had mind in a different way compared to other years. I had mine from Ridah Hotel which is found in Seeta-Mukono district. It was late in the evening that I started off the journey to the place and by 6:30pm. Just in no time, I arrived at the gate point then I was well checked like other people. After passing through the first check point, I went to the second check point and later got in. Just the beauty of the place was enough for me to feel welcomed! I got a seat and waited for the next programme on agenda which was “Cultural Dance Show” or call it entertainment that was to start at exactly 8:00pm and it was to push all of us-the attendants to the New Year 2012. As the show was on the way, I toured around and got back to my seat. As I was waiting for the entertainment, it was exactly dinner time and most of the audiences were busy digging into their plates. On my right there was a lady who had ordered already and only food smell could affect my nose as the wind could blow it toward my side. For me, I instead also enjoyed taking chips with chicken plus a drink of Fanta later as the Show was taking place.
 The Entertainers of that night 2011-2012 were Music Dance and Drummer troupe called “Kika Troupe”. I was so excited to see my Old Girl Dinah inclusive in the Dance troupe and she was someone I studied with and completed Primary level together some good Years ago. Later after the Show I meant her and said Hi to her. I had a lot of fun because the troupe had lots of comedy apart from the cultural dance and that could create laughter in our faces.
When it was exactly 6:00AM-mid-Night and New Year 2012, electricity lights were turned off and I heard a boom like sounds being exploited that first frightened me up but just in a blink of an eye, I saw lights flying and sparkling high within the Sky and this was nothing but Fire Wax. Then only I could see was fire wax sparkling high in the atmosphere making a circular sharps.  I was so excited, amazed and happy seeing the fire wax being displayed in the Air and this made me realized that I was missing something great really to see ever in my life. Being the fact that fire wax opened off my New Year, the year 2012 seemed to be more blessed and prosperous than the recent one 2011. That is how I chilled out and entered a New Year 2012.

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