Thursday, January 3, 2013


         Down in Uganda and Africa in large, it won’t be Bill Mollison to Inspire Permaculture but will be Mr.Nyero, Mr.Mugarura and Mr.Agaba through their Permaculture Project’s Forum called V.E.G.U
@ Introducing food growing techniques to local people.
@ Promoting environmental conservation and its Ecosystem.
@ Promoting the use of non-chemical products.
@ Solving poverty in the community.
Vision: Inspiring Permaculture.
             Permaculture is the art and science of producing edible landscapes which mirrors the natural ecosystems in their diversity and production.
To embrace Permaculture, Sharon(who is up with some Canadian Permaculture expect),  Charles and I had to change because it required us to look at our future lives and lifestyle from a different perspective. We acquired interest in Permaculture ever since we began helping at Sabina Permaculture project right from 2008 up to 2011. Link at And we discovered new ways on how Humans can create a sustainable environment to live in which reduces the use of Fuel, Chemicals and instead Enhances natural eco-system which to us was like strategies to enable us to adapt the challenging future; global warming, climate change and peak oil. So to us as Permaculture seemed to be a life-long journey of change and growth and here we want to demonstrate it.
We believe that with our demonstration through using Permaculture ethics; care for people, care for earth and share the surplus, we will be caring for more than 1000 people in Uganda and worldwide.
Things we will do first.  
Ø Next week, Mr.Nyero will be meeting his family Heads in Gulu so as to inform them about this new project and what will be taking place on the ground.
Ø He will check on the site analysis later and after it, he will come on table to discuss some issues about the site with the local people and keep in mails with his V.E.G.U team. This is so to acquire ideas and to get more information guiding the site from these local people living around so as to help us build a firm Permaculture foundation.
Ø Then we shall get time as a team and mark off Zones from 0-5 so as to enable balanced use of land that can mirror the natural eco-system of that very area.
Once done, we shall then design and then start implementing.
        We are hopefully to start with zone 0 then skip to Zone four. This is because our zone four will contain harvest forest i.e. growing trees for timber, poles and will act as wind breakers on the land in times to come.
As work on zone four will be proceeding, zone five will be under maintenance as well. In our zone five; there will be only indigenous spices of vegetation plus wild animals, birds, insects etc.
The rest of the zones will be designed as time goes on, hoping to complete the rest of the work and maintain the project smoothly.
 Activities Includes;
-Crop Growing (cereals crops, food crops and Herbs)
-Food Forest-(Orchard, Fruit Drying)
-Animal Keeping
-Poultry keeping
-Bee keeping
-Short Permaculture course teaching……….etc

Mr.Nyero Christopher-Permaculture Field Engineer. Mr.Nyero who is pursuing his study in Building Construction-Engineering sector and also the Director is so glad to publish his V.E.G.U team of three members to the World. 
You can contact him at:

Mr.Mugarura Charles-Permaculture Field Designer. Mr.Mugarura will be completing his High school this year and do computing engineering. We have found out that he will be the best guy to handle V.E.G.U's field Design. 
You can contact him at :
Tel: +256-703-392-766

Mr.Agaba Julius-Permaculture Herbal Specialist. Am really glad to introduce to the World my new member Agaba Julius who is doing his Bachelor in Pharmacy  and has lots of love to join Permaculture World with his great professional to become soon. We have given him the post of being our Permaculture Herbal Specialist at V.E.G.U. Get him at:
Tel: +256-775-212-216


  1. Love it! My very best to VEG Uganda from us all here at VEG Australia. Keep up the good work my friends!

  2. Wishing VEG Uganda every success; work hard and smart!

  3. I'm having a drink to celebrate VEGU. Good luck with it all Nyeromeister.