Monday, January 28, 2013

            With much desire and love VEGU has towards the community, we can’t wait to see what is missing and fail to help at our maximum. So we give people the right ideas or call it ways of going sustainable!
One of the fundamental activities that VEGU is up to is creating food forest which in turn having communities with good and plenty fruits in times to come. So this January, our main focus was on creating a sustainable food forest. Because we know that good quality and enough fruits are critical towards maintaining village food security. We think of food security and the availability of supply of this fruits year-round…..a supply that is diverse and plentiful enough to support a high standard of nutritional health. Improving Nutritional health is important because, without, communities lack one of the basic human needs which is critical to any further development they might choose to take.
         Mr.Nyero representing VEGU for first time visited families and has been working it out with the local people in his Village Luwek and did some fruit tree planting.
But we should know that local farmers here produce food first for subsistence-consumption by the family and only grow a surplus to sell at local markets. So we thought that by planting fruit trees, we shall increase the availability of local or regional supply of fruits which is obviously crucial to such farmers.
We want to improve both local and regional self-reliance in the supply of fruits. We see that this is very important where war and internal conflict has disrupted the availability of food for more than 25 years and where food growing production hasn’t been boosted by the Government so as to cope the fresh minded refugees who just left the Refugees Camp.

Mango-Mangifera indica
VEGU using local varieties of non-hybrid fruit trees so that the varieties can be conserve as it is already adapted to local conditions of climate and soils and they will remain available to farmers in the future.
The food forest campaign is to continue so as to teach and spread growing of fruit tree to the local communities and local people associated to have a better future for communities in the Gulu region and Northern Uganda as large!

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