Saturday, April 13, 2013

@ Introducing food growing techniques to local people.
@ Promoting environmental conservation and its Ecosystem.
@ Promoting the use of non-chemical products.
@ Solving poverty in the community.
Vision: Inspiring Permaculture.
Proposal for Very Edible Gardens Uganda.
             Very Edible Gardens Uganda-V.E.G.U is a “Permaculture” project in Gulu district found in Northern Uganda. It is yet at the grass root, being made up of three members of whom Mr.Nyeromeister Christopher who is the Permaculture Field Engineer and Mr.Mugarura Charles who is the Permaculture Field Designer are both done with the Permaculture Designing Course (PDC) taught by  Mrs. Rosemary Morrow. Linked at with Mrs. Rosemary Morrow at Sabina School in the Rakai district of Uganda in January 2010. This course was also attended by land managers, agriculturists, and government workers from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Canada, Australia and the UK. Mrs. Morrow is also a renowned permaculture teacher, author and designer and has been working in the permaculture field for over 40 years. She is the author of the book Earth Users Guide to Permaculture. More information about Mrs. Morrow can be found here:  And Mr.Agaba Julius who is the Permaculture Herbal Specialist who is doing Bachelor in Pharmacy at the University, and hopefully he is to undergo his PDC too!!
First and for most, Permaculture is the art and science of producing edible landscapes that mirrors the natural ecosystems in their diversity and production.
           -By aiming at introducing food growing techniques to local people, VEGU believe that through Permaculture ethics; care for people, care for earth and share the surplus, we will be caring for more than 1000 people in Uganda and worldwide.
           -We acquired interest in promoting environmental conservation and its Ecosystem. This is so because during the internship at Sabina Permaculture Project, we realized that it required us to look at our future lives and lifestyle from a different perspective.
           -At Sabina Permaculture Project, we discovered new ways on how Humans can create a no chemical-sustainable environment to live in which reduces the use of Fuel, Chemicals instead Enhances natural eco-system which to us was like strategies to people to adapt the challenging future; global warming, climate change and peak oil.
           -And lastly, VEGU is aiming at solving poverty in the communities; firstly through food security and in advance, teaching local people Income Generating Activities of different ways so as they can earn a living hence improving life.
          So to Very Edible Gardens Uganda, Permaculture seemed to be a life-long journey of change and growth and here we want to demonstrate it.
Activities Includes;
-Crop Growing
-Orchard system
-Animal Keeping
-Poultry keeping
-Aquaculture and aquaponics
-Short Permaculture course teaching
-We also design and implement sustainable system for projects, schools, homes….etc
Our Contact Details:
Mr.Nyeromeister Christopher- Permaculture Field Engineer (Is also the primary contact for all correspondence).
Tell: +256-783-942-206 /+256-792-388-045
Mr.Mugarura Charles-Permaculture Field Designer.
Tell: +256-703-392-766/+256-788-738-831
Mr.Agaba Julius-Permaculture Herbal Specialist.
Tell: +256-775-212-216/+256-701-212-216
 Yes, go green go edible VEGU!!

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