Saturday, April 13, 2013

                    The sad reality was when I saw local people working hard and I proved that they get less output!!  Though, I also realized too much living evidence of ecological disaster which was mostly bush burning and deforestation-thorough cutting down of trees with an aim of burning charcoal, selling firewood, logs, timbers which greatly horrified VEGU!! But I (Nyeromeister) kept around trying to give or guide them with a brief vision of what I think can be afforded and achieved by anyone and anybody so as to change from fighting the nature. Because, the consumptive lifestyle against trees will lead to the brink of completely destroying of the well being of the future and the generations shall be the victims. So VEGU knows that there is always other option rather than fighting nature. Because we knows that whoever will fight the nature, will lose the fight and nature will revenge against everyone because it does not discriminate and yet it is stronger than any one on this earth.
In 1st Year.
         In first year, Very Edible Gardens Uganda is proposing to get on with establishment of the projects bellows;
-Orchard-a mult-fruit Orchard
-Medium Vegetable garden and crop husbandry (purposely for fund raising)
-Building temporary structures
- Apiary

       Nyeromeister spent days taking the site analysis of Very Edible Gardens Uganda. Basing on the site analysis done, in this holidays we will be up with Zone:2 designing the plan work and then implementations will be coming very soon once we get next holidays as we are all pursuing our studies. VEGU had a little bit of change; we are getting up with Zone: 2 which will be an Orchard establishment.
As people are becoming more aware of biocides in their environment, they want the access to clean fruit. At VEGU, clean fruits are only organic fruits.
A non-clean fruit is that which is produced through the application of chemicals i.e. fertilizer, chemical insecticides or pesticides right from seedling up to the preservation time when ready in the market! And our clean/Organic fruit is that which is produced without any application of chemical and related substance right from the seedling up to the time it is being introduced to the market!! Instead of using chemicals, in VEGU nature will be playing the first priority and helped with Intelligent Pest Management-(IPM) that leads to producing an organic fruit. And we hope and believe that by years to come, clean fruits will be increasingly replacing chemicalised fruit which is presently more in the market.
Activities In hand Includes;
-Designing the plan work for zone 2 on a piece of papers.
-Fund raising through short term internship in different projects, work places, growing vegetables. It should be noted that these are to be carried in holidays.
-Short course teaching about an Orchard.
-Other activities i.e. maintenance, inspection etc.

NB for more information; Our Contact Details:
Mr.Nyeromeister Christopher- Permaculture Field Engineer (Is also the primary contact for all correspondence).
Tell: +256-783-942-206/+256-792-388-045
Mr.Mugarura Charles-Permaculture Field Designer.
Tell: +256-703-392-766/+256-788-738-831
Mr.Agaba Julius-Permaculture Herbal Specialist.
Tell: +256-775-212-216/+256-701-212-216
Go green go edible!!

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